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History in the Red Eye

One of the most known redheaded actresses that people think of is Lucille Ball, or Lucy from I Love Lucy. She was one of the first female lead roles in a television series and poeple loved her. With her Imagegreat sense of humor and physical comedy she became world-wide known. Starting in 1934 she did a large variety of shorts and uncredited projects but then in 1953 she got her big break as playing Lucy Ricardo. When they realized how big the show had gotten they did Christmas specials and everything like that. Just like regular people, gingers are comedic, they just get really red in the face when they laugh.


About inthegingerlane

I'm a ginger, a dancer, and a video maker. I love being a redhead... its who I am!

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  1. Also a fellow redhead. Keep it up with the red pride.


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